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Tampa City Ballet serves “at risk” youth, low-income families, and senior citizens to expose them to high-quality artistic education and performances.

The “On Your Feet” program provides over 150 underserved students per year in the University Area Community the opportunity to develop unique choreography alongside our Master Instructors. Through this program, students develop qualities such as creativity, discipline and teamwork to name a few. Tampa City Ballet also strives to provide training for promising dancers of all ages by facilitating scholarships to America’s Ballet School, one of the top ballet academies serving Tampa.

Paula Nuñez TCB Founder and Artistic Director


School Performances- TCB hosts performances such as the Nutcracker to expose students and new audiences to ballet.

Lecture Demonstrations- TCB hosts demonstrations of classical ballet technique.

Dance Masters in Residence- TCB provides master instructors for schools and community programs.

Master Classes- TCB hosts classes with world renowned Dance Masters.

Scholarships- TCB provides qualifying students with training opportunities.


On Your Feet-

The “On Your Feet” outreach program exposes at-risk children to dance education taught by Master Instructors whose lives have been transformed by dance. The program helps children develop creativity, curiosity, and confidence while learning to express themselves through movement. Promising students are eligible for scholarships that provide training and mentoring before performing with the TCB. TCB performers take professional training to another level, educating and moving audiences with the power of dance.

The six-week program is offered to over 150 underserved students per year in the University Area Community, and helps students learn dance fundamentals and unique choreography while developing an appreciation and enjoyment of this art form.

Scholarships- Tampa City Ballet provides qualifying students with opportunities to train with professional Dance Masters.

Current scholarship recipients:

Joey Bell, Imani Bell, Cole Dreiling, Aiden Gilmore, Elena Lissignoli, Elisa Lissignoli, Gabriel Mannheimer, Zion Phoenix, Nina-Sky Simms

Internships- The  internship program opens opportunities for students who wish to build upon their college education with practical work experience. The program offers the intern opportunities for personal, professional and “hands on” experience working under guidance of our company heads.

Specific objectives for each intern are established to be able to integrate and enhance the those areas of professional development that need greater emphasis.

Training Program- The Tampa City Ballet II is a diverse group of young artists committed to strengthening ties to the community by transmitting passion and enthusiasm for the art of dance.

With a commitment to classical training and technique, the Tampa City Ballet II provides opportunities for artists to develop their unique qualities and prepare for professional careers and serving their community through dance.

Training is provided by America’s Ballet School.

Adia Hollist Scholarship Recipient

Anderson DaSilva Scholarship Recipient